ZTE-MF58 3G Wireless Monitoring Device


ZTE-MF58 3G Wireless Monitoring Device comes with the look of a robot's head in a scientific fiction.In fact, it is a powerful 3G electronic monitor that can be universally for home monitoring, such as you can get informed from time to time what is going on at home even when you are absent far away from the spot.You can see what your baby is doing, the elder's activities or even the movements of your pet. Dial a video phone call and you can realize the monitoring all the time. It comes with IR camera that can do night vision monitoring, with remote control, 3x zooming, high-quality speaker and microphone so other features that enhance it to be the most extrodinary 3G monitoring device ever seen.


Illumination: : Infrared Light, support night vision camera recording. 
USIM card slot : Yes 
Camera : 300K pixels rotatable camera 
Video Phone call : Support 
Remote Control : Support 
Battery Type : 1450mAh battery 
Standby Time : Up to 200 hours 
Micro SD card storage expansion : Support 
Speaker : High S/N ratio true-to-life speaker 
Microphone : High-sensitivity microphone. 
Dimension: : 104*101*101 mm 
Weight: : 263g