The management of the Company involves the below named persons:-


Mr. Paul Odili is also the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Paulo Ventures Limited. He has been the key brain behind the success of the Company from inception of business till date owing to his wide experience in the business world. Mr. Paul holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration.


Mr. Vincent Azike is also the General Manager of Paulo Ventures Limited. He plays a vital role in the management of the Company’s affairs through proper implementation of business plans. Mr. Vincent holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics.

The team that makes up Paulo Ventures Limited consists of about thirty (30) dedicated and professional staff and is listed as follows:

  1. Mr. Paul Odili (B.SC Bus. Admin.).........................................................................MD/CEO
  2. Mr. Vincent Azike (B.SC Economics)
  3. Hannah Ajieh (B.SC Economics)
  4. Adaobi Val-Akwuba (LL.B, B.L, MNIM)
  5. Benjamin Uzor (HND Pub. Admin.)
  6. Chidinma Iheanacho (B.SC Banking & Finance)
  7. Ifeanyi Ubaka (B.SC Accounting)
  8. Sunday Aloko (HND. Computer Science)
  9. Gloria Nweke (B.SC Agric. Education)
  10. Ossai Onyeka (B.SC Govt. & Pub. Admin.)
  11. Edward Azike (Bsc. Economics)
  12.  Rosemary Ikpe (Bsc. English)
  13.  Meg Miti (Dip. Bus. Admin.)
  14.  Adewale Adekanye(O’ Level Certificate)
  15.  Chinwendu Francis(O’ Level Certificate)
  16.  Dauda Yusuf (O’ Level Certificate)
  17. Sunday Baba (O’ Level Certificate)
  18.  Emmanuel Matthew (O’ Level Certificate)
  19.  Adamu Maga (O’ Level Certificate)
  20.  Enga Jacob Luka (OND Bus. Admin)
  21.   Iliya Akpeni(O’ Level Certificate)
  22.   Adanne Kalu (Dip. Computer Science)
  23.   Blessing Jacob (O’ Level Certificate)
  24.  Tunka Bitrus (O’ Level Certificate)
  25.  Emmanuel    (O’ Level Certificate)


  1. Ngozi Mary Ogakwu (B.SC Bio. Chem.)
  2. Christian Okwuchi (B.SC Econs. Education)
  3. Helen Odili (OND. Banking & Finance)
  4. David Joseph (FSLC)
  5. Augustina Effedua (O’ Level Certificate)